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EPO by proxy.

Back in the eighties, a friend worked at at '38 shop as lone operator. Handily placed behind the two band printers was a wide, highly polished and almost frictionless marble windowledge. His method of getting reports off the printers for distribution was to flick the perfs on the fanfold at the appropriate point, stack the reports on the ledge and once he had a decent stack, give the stack a shove along the smooth, polished surface where it would stop at the end. Repeat until all reports are sat in a series of stacks along the ledge. Easy and efficient.

One day he took the day off. The developers were busy with a software release required that day so it fell to The Boss to sort the reports out. He'd observed the operator's process and decided that it was the best idea, so that's what he'd do.

Turned out that knowing the maximum permissible height of the first stack, so it wouldn't smack into the EPO button at the end of the ledge when slid that way, was a crucial part of the process that he'd missed.

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