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If I was to have one

It would only be acquired after I was convinced it wouldn't be trying to listen on me... and I found a use-case that I really need it for.

My heating system is designed to maintain constant temperature, so no turning it on or off, my lights have switches in useful places so I can toggle them as I walk into / out of rooms, and I even have an extra switch by the bed, avoiding the issues of avoiding debris getting to/from the bed in the dark.

I could get it to play music, but I have a good sound system linked up to a computer that can do all that, controlled either by a controller or a wireless keyboard with it's own trackpad for easy remote access.

As much as I'm a bit of a geek and like cool tech, I'm also practical about it. And really, something that avoids my needing to get off my rear every once in a while is something that I probably don't need.

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