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Pokemon No! Good news: You can now ban the virtual pests, er, pets to stop nerds wandering around your property

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In Texas (and about 20 other states!), you get to SHOOT the trespassers with a nice round of 12 gauge buckshot! Works every time! Some recent stories in the local papers have highlighted Pokemon players getting .357 rounds, some 9mm and of course the old shotgun rounds blasted at them! AND IT'S A PERFECTLY LEGAL THING TO DO in many counties if you have trespassers entering your property!

So here's a warning to Pokemon players...don't go entering private property down here UNLESS you want a cap popped in yer A$$$$ !!! Property owners here are downright "hornery" (pronounced Orneree!) and they don't hesitate to make sure you get the point!

It's called "Castle Doctrine" and "Stand Your Ground" laws...where there is NO DUTY TO RETREAT and NO DUTY REQUIRED TO IDENTIFY TRESPASSERS OR THEIR INTENT if the property owner has the belief that they are under immediate threat or danger!

Remember down here, the jury only has to hear the owner say they BELIEVED they were under threat or danger! And that crowd of now dead idiot Pokemon players will HAVE THE JURY throw out the case and say NOT GUILTY for said homeowner shooting the players who trespassed on their property willy nilly! The USA is a VERY VERY different country than Europe! Tick off a homeowner here, and many times YOU WILL GET POPPED and it will be your relatives that'll be getting the 4:00 am call from the local sheriff or county coroner because of your silly Pokemon Go addiction!




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