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I have not yet triggered such an emergency switch. However at my new workplace, all the doors have magnetic locks. They have two buttons, the normal door release button, and the "emergency door release" button, which are always right next to each other. They are also both green (except the emergency button has "EMERGENCY" written in small green text above it).

Both also do the same thing (release the door). but the emergency one will also sound the alarm (forcing a building evacuation) and call the fire and police. Multiple times already I found myself almost pressing the emergency button by accident, instead of the normal button when wanting to release a door.

I really wonder who thought it would be a good idea to make both buttons the same colour and put them side by side like that. I have seen others in the office make the same mistake as well, but realise at the last minute before pressing. One of these days, while someone is in a big rush, I suspect the inevitable will happen.

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