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Automotive UI design:-

Range Rover (sport & Full Fat)

cabin temperature controls are rotary knobs, with the set temperature displayed either in the centre of the rotary knob or on the multi-function screen dependent on model and model year. if you want to change the cabin temerature on either side or both sides of the cabin, you reach out, turn the knob in the 'traditional' increase or decrease direction, theres a visual conformation and the temperature is changed to the one you set.

This system is 'familiar' to just about everyone, can be operated without taking your eyes off the road and (crucially for a multi-surface vehicle) can be operated no matter how bumpy the road - or lack of it makes the journey

Volvo (XC40, 60 & 90, V70 2017 onwards)

Large touchscreen in portrait orientation for all functions, cabin temperature displayed at bottom left & right *most of the time*, if not, press the hard key 'home' button first, then press the temperature display for the side you want to change (no option for master/slave config.), long vertical bar of temperatures pops up - note not all possible temperatures are displayed so you may have to scroll.... select the temperature you want, then close the screen by selecting another option or use the hard key - or repeat for the other side.... Now try that trundling down your gravel drive in the morning without breaking a nail on the screen, having to look at the screen to find where to touch, steadying your hand against the facia so you don't accidentally turn the fan to full or off - or crucially wiping out the gates at the end of your drive because you were going too fast for active city safety to cut in (actually happened - the log file, accessed with the owners consent, showed speed increasing due to throttle input despite the driveway only being 230 metres long with steel gates that would only be fully open in time if the speed passing through the sensor was 7mph or below and didn't increase once the gate opening was triggered, the owner had lived there for twelve years and the electric gates had been installed four years ago).


All models

The MMI dial control moves the cursor in the opposite direction to that expected - all bets are off.

Sometimes an updated UI isn't a great improvement in UX

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