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I don't understand

My kids play so I have a vague idea how the game works in the UK and when we have travelled. While playing the game has occasionally caused me to become irritated, I can't recall my kids begging me to take them or drive them onto private proprty to hunt pokemon as generally they appear near roads or in parks/other public spaces.

Is this a case from when the game first appeared and alcohol and time have dimmed my memories or does it work differently in the US?

Note: I'm not asking about lawyers/the judgement working differently, I already know that's different in the US. If this case had any merit (and it did judging by the payout) surely the plaintiff's are entitled to more than US$1000 each. Or the sum awarded should be significantly reduced to cover reasonable costs rather than paying to put the law firms partners through university, buying new cars and houses and probably paying kids to play Pokemon Go on someones front lawn...

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