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If someone could come up with a decent micropayments service for accessing things like news, that might be better.

Well, let's do some numbers. Global digital advertising spend is reckoned to be about $350bn for 2019. There's plenty of competing figures, that'll do for me. Now let's guess how much of the digital ad spending ends up in content producer's pockets - Google's cost of sales is 43%. Let's be incredible and unrealistically generous and assume all of that is to content owners. So there's around $150bn of global ad revenues that support content producers. Now let's assume for simplicity that those costs are paid entirely by around 300m homes in developed nations - again, maths can vary, that's adequate here. That's $500 a year for each developed world internet using household, or about $1.40 a day.

So there you have it: Ignoring the issue of ad-blockers, that's the value of your privacy AND at the same time the implied value of all currently ad-sponsored free-to-web publications. Obviously we'd need steel-jawed legislation to ensure that "pay to view" customers don't have their data scraped by the unscrupulous and untrustworthy big tech corporations (or their smaller accomplice corporations).

I'd pay that if it ripped the arse out of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft's data scooping, where do I sign up?

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