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Steve Kerr

And then there was silence

Used to work for a large investment bank.

Went from my floor to the dealer floor to help with an issue, when I got there, there were people standing up looking round like meerkats.

Went back to my floor, people still standing up

Turns out, the power was out in the computer room, 1000 cabinets worth of stuff.

There was an electrician in the computer room, who was moving an electrical point, he had followed the cabling under the floor in direct line to a pair of power sockets on a pillar.


That cable, went round the pillar to the other side and another cable came round the pillar to the socket. On the other side was an emergency power off button.

Back in history when the DC was built, all the EPO's were wired up with orange cable labelled EPO every 6 inches, the installers ran out of EPO cable so rather than getting more, they used what was there which was reels of power cable in grey. The poor electrician, couldn't get the final tile up as something was sitting on it so assumed that he had the correct cable.

Outcome, a day of carnage for an investment bank :)

The electrician was escorted from the premises never to return.

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