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Re: Piloting still needs a list of waypoints

We used to call those waypoints "road signs" when I used to drive all over the UK in search of work and drink.

If you need an address that works always, you need (in the UK) an OS Map and the grid reference of where you are going. Or you could use Lat. and Long. and use a compass, sextant and chronometer (at which point I reckon the GPS is actually the better deal given the cost of a serviceable sextant and the cloud cover this time of year).

For most car-accessible places you don't need such things. You takes your compass and do the longest bits by poor-man's dead reckoning (I'll drive south-west until I see something I know is near where I need to be) then pilot using terrain features pulled off the map until you are there.

If you need an internet metaphor to do the job, no problem, it's your head you are working with.

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