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A misnomer.

There is no intelligence or recognition or "neural network" in any sense that would be recognisable outside of people looking for grants, investment or to monetise it. Human curated specialist databases and pattern matching. Thus inevitable that texture works better than line drawings or silhouettes. In the real world the so called "image recognition" might be as bad as 2% when dealing with things more complicated than number plates* and in an uncontrolled natural environment. A trained child or even a crow (if motivated) is likely better. The problem is that children, rooks, sheep etc soon lose interest and wander off.

Self Driving

Does Social Media need this?

I'll be convinced there is decent AI when Spelling & Grammar checkers are even half as good as a trained human. I don't see much progress since 1991.

It's 90% marketing and 10% functionality? I made that up.

* Probably almost solved by Ray Kurzwiel's OCR in 1974, which was not actually AI.

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