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I stopped using TomTom after my device with lifetime maps stopped functioning because the maps got too big, and the response from TomTom support was basically "sucks to be you, buy a new device" and they refused to re-section the maps to fit... so "lifetime" ended up being about 11 months.

That is pretty disgraceful. My TomTom did NOT have lifetime maps, so I wasn't quite so shocked as you must have been when they told me, recently, that it was never going to be updated again because the maps had got too big. I just thought "That's why I've been using an SD card instead of the internal storage for the last several years -- I thought that's why they made these things expandable?"

Now I realize that they may have been trying to make me upgrade to one that could count more than 1k weeks, without admitting the laxity of their programming. Time will tell ...

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