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@steelpillow: "It will take an army of them several years to figure out the bleedin' obvious."

Don't misunderestimate them: it will take a few years's worth of research grants and VC money to write a few versions of image recognition software and then painstakingly analyze what it is doing wrong. Note that what the software prioritizes should be recognized a priori by the people who actually program the priorities in (like texture before shape - that is not the "AI" part of the whole business), but never mind... Then new versions of software, better at distinguishing cats from elephants, will be written, and new tests will be devised and new experiments will be run... Grant/VC money will be provided as long as it is regarded as "strategic", which comes and goes every 20 years or so.

Some 40 years from now the cat/elephant controversy will be licked and someone will ask whether AI image recognition can distinguish between a cat and a lioness... If we ever get there.

Cynical? Moi?

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