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i have a science PhD and I'm very fit but I did not even consider applying since I'm not naive but I know plenty of more Ivory Towered colleagues who could be described as naive. The process required to gain a PhD can insulate the student from various aspects of 'real life'.

I somewhat avoided that fate by getting married and reproducing while an undergrad and a young family and their needs will ground you pretty hard. Note some of the most naive people I knew were also the smartest.

Thanks for the general description of us folks as some sort of elite who could not be naive or stupid outside of our specialisations. I'll leave you with a good general rule of thumb: if a PhD is pontificating outside of his or her specialised area treat what they say with extra grains of salt. Assuming they must know what they are doing/saying because they are smart in one area is a dangerous assumption.

Also always ask to see their working and remember you can get a PhD in lots of non science subjects and these days medics who want to be Consultants do PhD's and remember medicine is trying hard and there are good areas but it still does not qualify as a science.

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