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AC for obv reasons

Having worked on software to *help* in analysis of stained tissue slides.

Methods we used were not AI, they were custom human developed for tissue type and stain, based on use by the actual clinicians about the analysis methods they used (we talked with them first, developed algorithms (that could be fine tuned by parameter changes through the app) and sat with clinicians whilst they used the app.

So breaking down the image based on structures, stain colour / intensity etc.

Not a neural net used anywhere, but it behaved like a human as it was based on how humans did it (be it human brains automagically run skeletonizing, percentage stain take up etc. algorithms)

hardest bit was getting clinicians to explain methods they used as (bar edge cases) they would look at a slide and would be almost instant cancerous / cancer free decision as their brain automagically did the work. We thus did a lot of our tests with edge cases where clinicians had to analyse not on !auto pilot"!

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