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Mind you dense swirling snow is testing for human drivers. I live in Dundee Scotland and absent the last two winters (more severe in England) such challenges are common. Sensible drivers in those conditions slow down since their visual distance is much reduced.

Note snow at night can be both easier and more difficult depending on the type of snow and its direction. Snow flurries you cannot see until they are just in front of your windscreen in the dark are nasty. You have to constantly never yourself not to flinch.

A camera lens is subject to the same sorts of problems even if it works and reacts faster. If the snow is the wrong sort from the wrong direction it might even obscure all or part of the view, much like peering through frantically whirling wipers.

I'm prepared to accept that tech like lidar and radar might be relatively immune to such issues but they will be susceptible to others and that then creates the problem of which viewing method to prefer if they all differ?

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