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Remainer May is doing her best to sabotage the whole thing too!).


Her leave agreement is a "hard" Brexit, a total separation from the EU on all fronts, so to speak. Only, nobody read the thing before voting on it (and nobody boned up on the WTO either)!

Is it beyond the impossible to embrace the fact that Theresa May is simply incompetent, on an hitherto unseen level even for "government"? The evidence would be the serial failure at pretty everything she was ever put in charge of, except the very personal goal of clinging onto the PM-position (where either she is very good or everyone else are even worse clowns)?

We are talking of someone deciding to keep Chris Grayling around (with no handlers, obviously) not because of some devious scheme to have an idiot even worse than oneself in order to look better in comparison, but rather because one is so out-of-the-box of any normality and reasoning that one cannot see that Chris Grayling is incompetent.

"You" taks someone with a proven track record of failure to determine the next 20 years of "your" country's future and then it should not exactly be a surprise when that job also turn out to be shit?

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