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Re: "It's fake smart."

"My instinct is that this should have been obvious from the mathematics underlying CNN's. Yet apparently no one picked it up.

"Or was it that people did, but hoped no one would notice?"

Oh, I think the average CNN researcher's public persona is too fake smart for them to have really picked up on this sort of thing. It will take an army of them several years to figure out the bleedin' obvious. Well, I give it 2-5 years before they grasp the scale of the chasm between current AI and general intelligence.

Funny that, when I say "several years" like that it sounds overly unkind, yet when I suggest that we might see general intelligence in 5-10 years it seems overly optimistic. What we really need to do is to figure how an AI can tell its arse from its elbow - which is hard if we can't either.

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