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Yes, I remember the panic - but it turned into a non-event. Even my old Garmin GPS II+ handheld satnavs sailed through it with no problem and I fully expect them to do the same this time.

IIRC the only GPS receivers that didn't make it through last time were all in Tokyo taxis. This was certainly bad news for them, and here's what I was told about that at the last GPS roll-over:

Tokyo was heavily firebombed in WW2, and since close-packed wood and paper houses burn really well, the city planners must have started again from scratch. The rebuild had to be fast because almost all houses were destroyed and winters are cold, so in the hurry to rehouse people, the houses were numbered in the order they were built in each block. As a result the numbers along a street are in pseudo-random order, so Tokyo taxi drivers really need a working GPS with a map showing house numbers. Either that, or they'd need years to do 'The Tokyo Knowledge', assuming there is one, before getting their license.

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