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virtualize an AS/400 (aka iSeries) on VMware/Xen/Hyper-V

Well - many, many years ago I had the (dis)pleasure of testing an S/370 emulator provided by MicroFocus (I think) on the basis that your programmers could bench-check their code before getting the actual mainframe involved.

I presented something that was curiously similar (though actually unalike) and S/370 machine. Sadly, ever attempt to try to run TPF on it crashed the emulator. We did (sort of) later get it to work, but only by making enough changes that the programmers code no longer assembled properly..

Also, I suspect that IBM (our supplier of PCs, networking, printers and mainframes at the time) got wind of the project and Words Were Said to our senior management - at which point the project became a Non-Project and also A Project That Never Had Existed.

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