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Re: "I'm just a tool used by the system."

intarweb miscreants... the cops won't believe they're guilty of anything unless they LOOK like criminals.

You know, how criminals have broken bones, missing teeth, large bruises, scrapes all over them as if they'd been thrown down a couple o' flights of stairs, or got dragged at 30+MPH over a gravel road...

"Yep, THAT GUY looks like a criminal!"

also reminds me of the way a thief on a ship might get treated, accidentally falls overboard and the guy wut dun it quietly whispers "man overboard..." then about 30 minutes later, "MAN OVERBOARD!"

Or another Navy guy I knew, back in the day, who liked to sing a parody of a 60's song, with words like this: "If I had a hammer, I'd smash your @#$%^'ing head in!"

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