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Well, YES ac, the "enemy" narrative is being pushed so hard, through most "trusted" media, that those with a more realistic world view often laugh nowadays rather than immediately typing a reply to "integrity initiative" type lies.

... there is after-all freedom of speech, and though I do not agree with most of the guff that the Institute for Statecraft issues, I defend their right to form covert clusters of presumably corrupt journalists/influencers to try and tell us what to think? that's part of societal evolution, constant attacks from within and vaguely possibly from without.

I'm presumably still allowed to type this short, quick but anonymous comment back in return

[loosely related: Huawei phones seem to be on special offer this week, and France allegedly also discovered no proven risk from the Huawei cheap 5G kit, did they not get the memo either?, but some i's seemingly have a campaign to push, $$$]

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