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I nearly got turned over by my employer on a slightly different take on this.

I was dealing with a customer and while waiting on hold for a transfer I had a conversation about the management with a fellow jockey. I was pretty angry that day but finished the call and happy customer.

Came in the next day to find TL waiting for me and to go and listen to call from the previous day. The call was great since I had solved a problem that had resulted in 5 callbacks on the same ticket. Fortunately I had been at it a while so recognised the problem and knocked it out. However, there was 53 seconds of me "f&*in' this. . . . . ." and "that f&$in' uselss c&^t that " about a management situation. Since we were an outsourcer being audited this was presented to me as a big problem. Chances of the call being pulled was about 400-1 I worked out later.

This went full disciplinary (witness statements, suspended on full pay) and at my interview they went on about me not showing "remorse". I find it hard to show remorse for swearing since I am Scottish but asked the question "How many calls did you listen to . . to find that one?" They wouldn't answer

HR then recognised a potential constructive dismissal claim in the offing so told them to tone it back to a final written warning instead of sacking me for gross misconduct. 1 year later all that ream of management were gone. Something to do with fraudulently inflating performance figures to clients. Me? I survived swearing in the heat of frustration on mic.

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