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I was working for the telephone company when....

We had a product called Remedy. This was the Unix version. They had a Windows vs ported to Windows and new NOTHING about portability, such as how to handle multi-threading in Unix. Needless to say, the app constantly crashed on the latest version we installed. We were on the phone while this person rambled for three long hours, and finally he stated he would come out and see what was going on. I kept going on mute, thought the button was still muted, and stated "Just shut up and do it already." I was absentmindedly listening as I was working on a database application, and vaguely heard him say OK and the call ended. Then my co-worker who was on the call came over and said do you realize what you just said? I had a sinking feeling as I saw my boss leave his office, but he just looked at me and grinned. Ever since then, been REALLY careful with that button!

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