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Re: Well someone's been on a heavy drinking session

Some people seem to leave their nice booze until the end of the evening, which is totally the wrong way around.

Its to do with drinking booze all night, until the bell rings at 11. If you start on the strong stuff immediately, you could drink too much too soon, and then you won't make 11. If you start with the beer and only switch to the strong stuff from 10:30 onwards, good chance you will see 11 (and then maybe pass out in the street instead, or drop your kebab, or many other long standing British traditions).

This also explains our national drink related problems, get as much beer in until you're very drunk, then slam as many strong drinks until the bell rings, and then wander out of the pub at the same time as everyone else and compete for taxis, buses and takeaways. The town I grew up in had 7000 people, 27 pubs, no night buses, 1 taxi firm and 2 takeaways. 11:15pm on a Friday was a jungle.

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