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Hold button - The glue that makes IT work

I worked in IT and the Sales floor had a genius who liked pressing hold, making a abusive/sarcastic comment and then unmuting and carry on fairly flawlessly (no music on hold). He was beloved by the Sales floor as a bit of a character.

Until he annoyed someone in IT and then someone adjusted his button to not work properly (screwdriver and painted on sticky substance), this resulted in even more hilarity when he came a cropper, and considerable less hilarity when he was escorted to a HR meeting about the complaint and call recording.

This was more of a PFY action than a BOFH and it wasn't me, i just had to pull the recordings and was the one refusing to "claim" the recording system had glitched on his call. He couldn't understand how "glitched" recordings put me in a bad position even if it got him someway out of his problem.

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