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Who do you believe will be the biggest confrontation in the foreseeable future? US or China?

Given the fixed connection between the dollar and energy sales (on which rides their ability to borrow gazillions without real consequences), I predict that the Chinese renminbi will soon massively gain in prominence. This will be a direct result of Trump putting the US on a course away from sustainable, clean energy whereas the world needs the opposite, combined with the fact that China is poised to go live with energy solutions in 2019 and 2020 that, ironically, the US will endeavour to steal the IP of because all the modern development has been from within China, and you can bet that China is not going to sell this globally in dollars.

The result will be severe damage to the standing of the US and the ability to browbeat nations into holding vast dollar reserves, in effect weakening the power of the dollar and its grip on the global economy. I have a feeling someone in the US has woken up to that, but Trump can't change the BS he sells to his followers without this becoming too obvious and triggering a panic.

I am not looking forward to this, but a correction like this was rather long in coming. Trump merely speeded it up by a factor, which will bring great pleasure to Putin & friends.

You might want to start learning Mandarin, and reconsider whatever holdings you have in dollars.

IMHO, of course.

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