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That's always worked for me. In my experience, there are two types of boozer:

TYPE A –will throw up there and then, once the stage of having drunk too much is reached. As this often involves puking in pubs, clubs or over other people's carpets, parents or pets, the TYPE A boozer, as s/he ages and matures, learns to avoid such public embarrassments by usually managing to stop drinking just before the room begins to spin and vomiting becomes inevitable.

The TYPE B boozer on the other hand, never throws up on the actual night. So s/he can drink and drink until barely able to stand and still want more. However, the TYPE B boozer will then spend most of the next day throwing their ring up and generally feeling like death.

In our house, I am a TYPE A and the missus is a TYPE B. So it makes for some interesting boozing sessions. At the first hint of a room spin, I'll think "Uh-oh! I'll puke if I have any more" and will switch to fizzy water. Whereas the missus has no inner cut-off switch at all and will drink for as long as someone puts a fresh glass in front of her.

Next day usually involves me bustling round the house feeling completely fine, while she lies on the sofa cocooned under a duvet, only emerging briefly every half hour or so to throw up in a basin.

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