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"It's that c**t again asking about his poxy camcorder, what shall I tell him this time?"

I don't know you personally, so can't comment upon whether you're actually a "c**t" or not... However, it certainly doesn't say much about Sony's camcorders if even their own dealers think they're "poxy", does it? ;-)

Mind you, they're probably on the money. My Dad bought a Sony hard drive camcorder for my brother's wedding circa 2007. After a couple of years of light use the articulated LCD screen stopped working. Looking it up on Amazon there were numerous complaints from other people who'd had the same problem, which was due to the crappy ribbon cable breaking.

Then again, he'd already had two Sony cassette Walkmans in a row fail and get replaced under warranty a few years prior. (Don't even know how long the third one would have lasted if he hadn't dropped and broken that one himself first. He replaced it with a Panasonic that he still owns).

Despite this he still bought a Sony TV a few years back. The external power supply died a few months short of four years, but at least it worked after that was replaced.

From what I've heard, Sony's reputation for quality started seriously slipping during the 1990s. Evidently after I bought my 14" Trinitron portable TV in 1993, which has been in use- with brief gaps- for well over twenty of its twenty-five year lifespan, has *never* been repaired and still looks great. Wouldn't expect that from a modern Sony.

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