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I used to work for a UK-based company that had our own Fault Logging system, running on a DEC/VAX cluster. Someone decided it would be a good idea to put all the Division's Helpdesk calls through to the head office site in northern England, which meant that the people taking the calls no longer knew who everybody calling them was.

Which lead to some amusement when a poor helpdesk person took a call from someone who said that a particular system was down and that the systems programmers were doing such-and-such to get it back up and running, and it should be back by a certain time.

The poor helpdesk person didn't recognize the caller's name - or even more worryingly the system name - so recorded the call as a waste of time as "the system named doesn't exist" and ended it with the comment "This idiot doesn't know what he's talking about".

Unfortunately for the helpdesk person, "this idiot" was the System Manager at our site and he had full access to the fault logging system, so decided not to bother ringing the helpdesk with an update as he could put it on there himself...

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