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Back when I were a green, young, student, I worked in our local Blockbuster. The system we used was actually quite impressive for the time, but was unusual in that it was only partially menu driven. Basically the reporting and management side of the system was menu driven, but the side that the cashiers used was command line driven. Scanning a membership barcode or a product barcode worked as you'd expect, with the membership code bringing up the customers account, and the product barcode logging a sale or rental, but we also have commands like Cash, AMEX, Visa, (and for each of the card companies) to complete the transaction, hold (to hold the account), commands to query the account and a "Note" command.

The Note command allowed you to enter one line of text but there was no limit on the amount of notes you could enter. These notes were displayed every time, along with any holds, a member of staff accessed the account, together with who made them and what time/date they were made on. They were intended so the staff could do things like remind the customer about something next time they were in. They were not used for that.. Some of the more troublesome customers had some impressively long lists of notes attached to their accounts, not all of which were polite.

I am extremely thankful that no customer that had any long list of notes ever asked me if they could see their account.

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