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Oh, but this can get even worse than that.

Picture a business conference in the early nineties where the attendees of one conference all have Apple Macs, complete with cameras and good video cameras (as opposed to the frankly stone age tech on Windows laptops of the time).

One female attendee decided that she really liked a different attendee, and that this "really liked" would best be discussed one to one in her hotel room. So, she sent a video invite to her intended guest, which included a video of her wearing just a towel, dropping the towel and giving what was later described in court as "a little shimmy"; the email subject was "Come to my room and this is what you'll get".

Unfortunately, the email somehow went to <company_all> and quite a large number of happily married techies got an entirely unexpected eyeful. The court case was essentially a result of that extremely American habit of airing one's dirty laundry (not that she was wearing any) in public, and consisted rather of a public slanging match with very high expenses.

The take-home message here is when using email, keep it formal, keep it polite and above all don't say anything that the other party, ANY other party, could possibly take the wrong way. Unless you happen to be Pressdram's lawyers and wish to inform a disgruntled businessman that the story in Private Eye checks out as true and that their threats will not be going anywhere much.

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