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I've been on the receiving end of this

Many years ago I had a Sony camcorder.

It developed a fault, so I took it to the local Sony shop/repair centre.

Many weeks and different stories later, I was "on hold" when I heard the muppet in the store say "It's that c**t again asking about his poxy camcorder, what shall I tell him this time?"

As you can imagine, that conversation took a turn for the worst for them.

They never did repair it but I seem to recall I got some form of compensation and the normal costs to investigate a non-warranty fault were waived.

We've all wanted to say these things but let's face it, whatever the provocation, it's not exactly professional. And, I feel, we've all been the caller at some point, boiling over with frustration at the endless drones who cannot or will not assist.

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