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Google, Advertising & Paid Results

The entire search tool is becoming more and more useless. Paid or "sponsored" results that fill the top half of the results often with no genuine link to the site you actually want. This is particularly true of Government agencies where parasitic click-bait companies with nothing to offer are the first in the and the actual link you want, direct to the real website is buried.

Add to that the shop website that leave old items on that mean they get the click through because the item you want it cheap, it is jus the wrong item and out of stock, never to be in stock because it is discontinued.

Amazon are total and utter tossers on this because an entire page of links will appear all to Amazon for items that are not even sold or are not available. Of course what a significant proportion of shoppers then do is search on Amazon to find what they want having been sucked into the website by essentially fraudulent means.

If a high street shop did this Trading Standards would be down on them like a ton of bricks, but this it the Internet and you can do anything.

The links of Google, Amazon and all the other US tech outfits have long gone past the point where they are a benefit to society. The trouble is that they are so bid now that they are almost immune from regulation. The US is never going to touch them due to the amount of money in lobbying, The EU just might get somewhere but I cannot see it having a huge impact as the recipients of the legislation will just ignore it or suck the fines up as a business cost. They are simply too big and have been allowed to get that way be a benign regulatory environment that has been based on market forces. Once the genie is out it is very difficult to put it back.

I suppose at some point it might all implode on itself but by then the likelihood is that it will be due to some international cock-up involving idiotic political leaders, oil, minerals and weapons as America attempts to assert itself and show the world how great they are. The out come will be that we are back in the stone age if we are lucky.

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