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Lovely website you got there. Would be a shame if we, er, someone were to sink it: Google warns EU link tax will magnify media monetary misery


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"Hating Google does not make everything they say wrong."

Saying that hating Google does not make everything they say wrong doesn't make anything they say right.

"The claim that link taxes hurt the businesses they were supposed to help has been tested and found to be true - twice."

No, it wasn't. What was proven was that if you leave this an option and not compulsory then a large entity like Google can strongarm smaller businesses into whatever it wants them to do, and can play them against each other.

"News sites in Spain "

No, it wasn't "news sites in Spain". It was "_some_ news sites in Spain". You can't do justice for everyone. Also shilling.

"Google can promptly stop linking to any site demanding money."

No, they can't. I mean theoretically they could, but in reality they will not as long as the fee they have pay is compulsory, and they can't play publishers against each other. Google simply can not afford to exclude the whole EU from its index, because competitors willing jump in no time in its place.

"Think of the smaller sites, having to check every hour to see if the target of any link has started asking for money."

Yeah, that's not how Article 11 works. You don't actually have to pay for links - and it's not a tax either. It's just Google trying to reframe Article 11 as a "link tax" to scare ignorant people and to build on the general hatred against taxes.

"Please take a two minute break from your hatred each day to think of something that will actually do some good."

Please take two minutes to read up on what actually Article 11 is about before spreading misinformation as a consequence of your ignorance. Thanks.

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