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Nah, if they were clever they would have SHOWN UP AND VOTED. Only 37 percent of the British electorate voted to leave while 35 percent voted to stay. 28 percent were so clever they stayed at home. When you don't vote, you are agreeing to whatever gets decided, and don't have the right to complain if it doesn't go your way. The vote is valid because everyone had a choice on whether or not to vote, and it was so well advertised even we on the other side of the planet knew the vote was coming. Our media wouldn't shut up about it before, during and especially after.

If you didn't like Brexit and didn't vote, let that be lesson to you next time a vote comes up. I have no dog in that fight, but I think Britain will do a lot better out of the EU than in although it's going to be a rough couple of years until it's all sorted out.

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