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Re: Well someone's been on a heavy drinking session

My father & uncle used to go out on Saturday nights drinking, uncle moved away family visits up to see them would at least see one protracted pub visit.......

Cut to the following morning auntie is surprised to see father is cooking a breakfast, while uncle is wishing he was dead or something.....

Comes the question "How is it you are bright eyed & bushy tailed, while Louie is suffering greatly\praying to the great god Armitage Shanks\staying under the covers in a heavily darkened room moaning a lot etc".

Simple says my dad (Described at his funeral eulogy by my eldest son as "The Wisest Man I Was Ever Forced To Listen To") "I drink beer & perhaps try a couple of single malts* & stick to that, Louie is drinking anything behind the bar that's green, blue, yellow or simply looks interesting because of the bottle with his beer.

*The old coffin dodger loved his whiskey.

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