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Yet it's still widely reported that Y2K was some sort of myth rather than a period in which lots of people worked really hard (and made pots of money).

Worked really hard. Check

Made Pots of Money. Negative

I made sure that every single computer in what used to be one of the largest IT department of any government agency was completely y2k compliant, This not only included departmental computers but in many cases the personal computers of ministers, secretaries (the under/permanent ones - not the typists) and their various researchers etc. All in all, a truly mammoth task achieved with 100% success rate.

True to form though, we were "required" to be on call on NYE. If I recall correctly, we took about 20 or so prank calls from drunken bureaucrats asking us to fix their computers, each request was carefully logged and a an internal cost notice for £5,000 submitted to each drunken idiot's immediate head for on-site emergency attendance in the early hours of 1st January 2000.

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