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Simple Controllable Permissions Dependency Map (Giggle Google Privacy)

Hi Folks,

Even if we ignore the ability of the security services to backdoor our devices, who is it that really agrees with Google's, Apple's, or any other current "Permission Systems" ?

Is it not obvious that as more people and governments take a stand about protecting their privacy Apple and Google are going to get really shafted by heavy data protection breaching fines and new legislation?

Step by step, country by country, people are realizing that even innocuous apps are data mining information they have no worldly right to.

More people are awakening to realize that "Glass Box" type systems on their devices are recording locations, touches, keystrokes, actions, audio, video, photos etc.

It is not just the flashlight app fully spying on your data, it is simply the fact that we do not have any proper control!

The user should simply be able to switch ANY permission on and off for every app, even the core system apps and factory bloatware, if doing so "breaks" the functionality then it is their device and their right and rite to do so. A simple controllable permissions dependency map will enable anyone to see the implications of their decisions and place their privacy back into their control.

Personally I do NOT want ANYTHING to have CASUAL ACCESS to my CONTACTS, EMAILS, PHOTOGRAPHS, USAGE DATA, historical or current.

I think ALL the manufacturers are going to hit a really big bump in the road when people understand just how much of their data is being sucked onto their servers, and how that data has been used, stored, and accessed.

I believe this will create some real fun times ahead as we sit back and watch the exploded view of data Vs privacy in the near future!

I look forward to reading your views and comments as time moves on-wards...

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