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What does caveman music sound like? Is it in FLAC?

I'd call that an unrealistic expectation; there's a lot of good music before 1988, sure, but I can guarantee there's a lot of objectively and subjectively bad stuff, too. So yes there's plenty of music before 1988 I have in my library, but it's not like I automatically love all music, as I have pretty high standards on my own scale; people chastize me for going from nordic black metal to medieval lute jams to 80's hairband to hurdy gurdy solos to Carpenter Brut and Aphex Twin, but I like each song in my library for a different reason, and each has its own tonal feel to it. I'm open to any genre and any time period, but it has to be good.

And there's the case of having to select the music... Popular stuff will show up more and make it less straightforward to not "listen to the same song twice" if you're using a streaming service for instance, and if you aren't good luck keeping up with the 4 hours a day tide for the next 50 years! That's a lot of downloads!

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