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llaryllama, it's a fun project keeping it running, and an exercise in teaching the yoof what things were like in the dark ages, back when you actually had to understand how the equipment worked. The cost of hardware upkeep, electricity and the minimal CPU (by today's standards) aren't really an issue. It's not like I have several dozens of these things in that co-lo. My machine room/morgue/museum/mausoleum (depending on the mood of the wife) is my real exercise in wasting BTUs ... how many times in the last two decades have YOU needed an IBM 1401 or System/360-20, Honeywell 316, Amdahl 570 or Burroughs B2500 at home? At least Baby, the 27 year old S/390, is still making money ...

Some people meditate. I collect and restore big iron.

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