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It was forked from before THAT forked into OpenOffice (Apache) and LibreOffice. It's commercial and includes improvements from both nowadays.

It has some usage improvements closer to other Mac apps. My own criticism of the word processor part I already mentioned for LibreOffice (the crappy style handling workflows and the internal handling of fonts) remain, though.

Really, on a scale from 1 to 10, the style handling of Word is at -8, LibreOffice/NeoOffice writer is at -10. Nisus Writer is a very solid +9, Mellel +6, the latter just because it has a steeper learning curve. From a functionality viewpoint, Mellel's and LibreOffice's style handling are the most powerful, but Mellel is much much more easy and reliable. Libre's styles could even be much more powerful than Mellel. I wouldn't know, because it's such a pain to use.

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