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"... some cringing, snivelling, pants pissing, anonymous coward will make a fuckwitted reference to either Napoleon or Hitler, comparing them to the European Union."

Well, both of those gentlemen did have their own slightly vapourware dream of a united states of Yurp, as did many, many others. One could say that Alexander, Mao and good old Uncle Joe also saw a united Yurp as a possibility albeit under the rules of various capital cities not necessarily *in* Europe. Indeed, many, many interesting dreams of a united world have been dreamed by people over the millennia., including by me. I wanted a Yurpeen Empire with Queen Liz as the head of state as a stepping stone to making her Empress of Man's Dominions. I never thought it would happen and Brexit has shown that it won't any time soon.

Comparing Adolf's vision of a Germany-led united planet with Uncle Joe's, Xerxes's and the E. U. isn't necessarily evil, bad or wrong, it is in fact a good thing. It shows us what could have been and how fortunate we are that what is, is.

We are very, very lucky to have the Yurp that we do. It could have been ever so very much worse. You could have ended up with me as Emperor.

Were I not to lazy to bother.

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