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I have never wanted a U.S.Yurp save for one reason, as a stepping stone on the way to a global then multi-galactic government, a government of all of the human-derived species and any others who may be around. Where that puts me on the Hadrian to young Adolf spectrum I have no idea but it does feel nice to be in such famed company.

I voted for the E.U. way back in the last Millennium as I thought I could see the glimmerings of the global, then trans-global, dream. I could have worked. It may even have been starting to work. Sure, it had massive flaws and there was endemic corruption and graft but that's true of just about all human governing bodies.

The idea of ever closer union was good. Brexit is idiotic, insane and demented. Brexit is one of the stupidest things ever to happen which is why I expect that it *will* happen. Coming to a city near you, soon.

Whatever happened to the idea that Homo. Sap. was "Man the Wise"?

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