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Two points from your post -

1. Unless there is a safety and liability mandate attached, I would rather guarantee my safety by owning and driving my own car. I can see for-hire autonomous cars never being maintained beyond the minimum required to keep it running, not being even cleaned out, ect. If a car is delivered to you that is unacceptable for any of these reasons, and you reject it, will the company be required to send another, or will they just send the same one since it's closest? How many times can you reject before they stop responding, or blacklist your number? And finally, how long before they decide that the car must be run at max capacity, making it into a minibus while still charging you the single rate? This is already done by some taxi companies now, and it'll be a lot easier for a company to do this if they aren't face to face with an irate customer.

2. Autonomous or owned, the main problem continues to be congestion. Either people will be waiting on traffic or waiting on cars. Plus, cars will be empty half the morning and half the evening moving people to and from work. A solution to both would be requiring in-town businesses to adjust open and close times to spread their hours out. In other words, no more 8-5 for everyone. This would lessen congestion during rush hour across the board.

This raises 2 more points, will The Boss be understanding that you couldn't get a car early enough to be on time? And will you be required to pay just your time in the car or also for the car to travel from the city center to your house? How will you even know that the car even HAD to come from the city? The car might have dropped a mid shift worker off a block away, but you still get the charge.

A lot to work out still yet, and they haven't even gotten the damned things to work yet.

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