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I had a fun situation when working for a media company many years ago. I used a program suit that had a batch converter for audio files. When upgraded to the latest version of the program the batch converter ceased to exist. So I was looking at manually converting a hell of a lot of files on a Friday afternoon. Someone in IT support pointed out that we were technically still in posession of the software discs for the original version. Sadly we didn't have a license for it though the new version was using it. As a result I was told we couldn't use it as we were being FACT compliant which sucked for me. I said I'd call the UK arm of the company and plead with them to give me a license/key for just the bactch converter. I did just that one Friday afternoon and the bloke I spoke to told me I needed to make my explanation quick as he wanted to go to the pub. I made my case and he said he understood and would send the key for just the batch converter by email. I then asked about the license which we also needed. He said he'd write something official on Monday and shove it in the Royal Mail on Monday if I'd hang up so he could head off to the boozer.

True to his word on Wednesday a "license" arrived on headed notepaper. The compliance bloke in IT support wasn't very keen on it but grudgingly accepted it.

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