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"To be fair, the two bytes that you saved by only using two digit years was frequently important in the early days of microprocessors and memory sizes of 4K (including OS)."

Why would a 2 digit year need 2 bytes? You can store -32768 to +32767 in two bytes. That should cover for most date eventualities. Day and month and year will fit nicely in a pair or bytes. At least that's how dates were stored on the video rental shop application I wrote to run on a 48KB TRS-80 back in the day. This had no chance of being used beyond 2000 so I used 4 bits for month, 5 bits for day, 4 bits for year and the remaining bits for status flags rented/not rented, overdue. (I thought a 16 year lifespan for this app was being a bit generous)

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