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As far as i'm aware, individuals recording video and / or audio on private premises is not legal without the consent of ther subject - not sure if it applies to plod, whether 'invited in' or not - but i'm certain it applies to private individuals, for example, 'dashcams' are supposed to be removed, turned off or inhibited from recording prior to being taken inside a dealers workshop as the subjects of any recording do not have the opportunity to consent prior to the recording taking place. I can't cite the exact legalese however, I did witness a Service Manager being 'put straight' by a company solicitor of a large chain of car dealers after he had decreed that dashcams should not be turned off and some of the tech's took umbrage with his edict....

So i'm not sure how it was accepted as evidence in a tribunal without consideration for how the recording was made and concequences of making it public - presumably the recording was made on private premises without the subjects knowledge?

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