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Why or Why-not 2K

I was in my last year of school, 74 (see what I did there) and was watching a TV documentary about this looming problem that was going to happen just 60 seconds after 11:59pm on 31st December 1999 and how it needed to be fixed before then otherwise it would cause all sorts of problems. Now remember that this was way before Personal Computers were available but it was a widely known problem 26 years or more before in the industry since hell, there was a TV doco about it.

Fast forward many years and we have the "great panic" with retired coders lured from retirement to save the world from mass destruction (ok, the dramatic exaggeration is my poetic licence), planes falling from the skies and those litter bugs plus creating a nuisance criminals were going to be prematurely released from prisons (possibly along with the father rapist as well. For saving the world for worse fates in the future, these brave pensioners would end up earning pockets full of cash as a reward for their noble sacrifices.

It was Windows 98 that when released in mid May 1998, just 18½ months before armageddon and it was NOT Y2K compliant. WTF were Microdickheads thinking especially since I, as a PFY, had known about this problem some 24 years earlier. Still, it just goes to show that Microshaft didn't give a Microshit about their Microsoftware or their valueless customers even then (but we all knew this from years earlier though, didn't we). What a clusterfuck. :rolleyes:

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