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Still not as good as the ePub Plugin for 5.x Writer.

Both of which not as good as Sigil or Calibre.

Calibre is easiest and good when you understand the options. On Linux uses DOCX or ODT, on Windows DOCX or DOC (not sure on ODT).

Save as Word *OR* Open DOCX from Writer to Calibre seems to be a bit better than using ODT.

However source/Edits best done in ODT format.

Calibre is best solution to manage eReaders and create ebooks in ePub, mobi (old Kindles) and AZW3 (newer kindles). Or even ancient ebook formats. Pick Tablet output so it doesn't mess your internal image formatting. Download, browse for or create covers in Calibre. Add CSS rules if needed.

However, once you understand how Writer paragraph and page styles work, I'd rate even 5.x LibreOffice Writer better than any version of Word.

Importing existing user dictionaries is easy.

Like all WP, you DO need to change the defaults on Grammar and substitution.

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