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Not really a license story, but...

... that time when I saved the company's bacon virtualizing a very old, 'we need to keep it running until we can get the last two apps off it' database server that used to a two node cluster with a shared 'smart' storage array between them. It was running SQL 2003 on server 2K3. The hardware was out of warranty and support, and in examining the storage array I found some very alarming risks- the fool who built the cluster used a single disk for both the quorum and DTC drives instead of mirrored pairs, which meant that the entire cluster was a single drive failure away from total failure. Once I pointed this out to management (and after one of the two nodes failed), I got the green light to virtualize the remaining node in the cluster. It took three tries to P2V the machine. The first attempt failed courtesy of a disk failure on one of the raid arrays, the second attempt worked but produced a non-viable machine that we ran out of time on the change window trying to correct. Third time was the charm, thankfully.

I left the physical hardware running but disconnected in the event we needed to pull something from it post- change, which lasted exactly a week until the failure I had warned them about occurred (quorum drive failed, taking out the cluster).

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